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• High Temperature Muffle Furnace
• ION / Plasma Nitriding Set-up
• Laboratory Furniture -
Make Metatech
• Fume Hoods - Make Metatech
• Salt Spray Chamber
• Small Induction Melting Furnace
• Coating Thickness Meter
• Vacuum Laboratory Tube Furnace
• Cristal Growth Furnace
• Planetary Ball Mill

High Temperature Muffle Furnace
» Inside chamber Size: 150x150x200 (6"x6"x8") WxHxD mm
» Standard Working Temperature: 1600 C (continuous)
» Maximum Working Temperature: 1700 C (some time)
» Temperature Control programmable & PID auto control
» Heating Element MoSi 2
» Working Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 1 phase
» Max. Power: 5KW
» Thermocouple: "B" type dia 0.4mm PT-Rh to PT-Rh wire

High Temparature Muffle Furnace
ION / Plasma Nitriding Set-up
Nitrogen gases are ionized ,at specific temperatures and electrical voltage levels, and get impregnated into job surface. This creates a chemical bonding, a compound layer of Iron Nitrides. The control of temperatures, voltage and amperage, and gas mixtures work together to create the depth of penetration and degree of hardness optimal for the intended uses of the workpiece.

Laboratory Furniture - Make Metatech
» High-tech laboratory furniture.
» Modular design & High strength.
» Various designs to suit your requirements.
» Also available storage cabinets, anti vibration tables, sink with drain board.
» Customisation possible

Laboratory Furniture
Fume Hoods - Make Metatech
» International standard laboratory fume hoods for various
    standards and critical applications.
» Latest fume hood technology and futuristic features.
» Applications catered : General chemistry, high acid digestion
    process, perchloric acid usage, radio isotopic, medical, food.
» Comprises all necessary electrical sockets, required work-tops &
   safety systems like for fire, auto exhaust, air flow monitoring etc.

Fume Hoods
Salt Spray Chamber

» Temp. Range : Ambient to 50°.C
» Temp. Control : PID Temp. controller
» Humidity Range : 95% to 98%
» Accuracy : Better than +/- 1 ºC
» Size- Up to 440 Ltr.
» Automizer : Non corrosive trouble free atomizer capable of producing
   a fine fog 20-30 micron droplet size.

Other Chambers:
» Accelerated life test chamber for temperature and humidity (Cyclic Corrosion Test )
» Thermal Shock chamber
» Vibratory Chamber


Salt Spray Chamber
Small Induction Melting Furnace
» Capacity – 5 to 100 Kgs
» Nominal Power – 2.5 Kw to 30 KW
» Nominal Frequency – 5 KHz to 10 KHz
» Power Supply 415 V 3 Phase

Small Induction Melting Furnace
Coating Thickness Meter
» Two measuring methods: Magnetic induction (F) & eddy current (N)
» Automatic recognition of substrate. Measuring range up to 1250
    microns ( up to 40 microns for chrome plating on copper )
» Resolution - 0.1 micron

Coating Thickness Meter
Vacuum Laboratory Tube Furnace
» Chamber size :customizable
» Max. temperature :1600°C
Working temperature: 1500°C
» Temperature control : PID auto control
» Heating elements : MoSi2 heating elements
» Furnace structure : double shell with fan cooling
» Thermocouple : B type
» Heating rate : 20° C/min. approx
» Temperature :±1° C
» Max. vacuum : -0.1MPa

Vacuum Laboratory Tube Furnace
Cristal Growth Furnace
The furnace is built with using Vertical Directional Solidification Technology. Max. Temperature is 1200 deg.cen. controlled by PID controller with programmable cooling gradient. Furnace houses Quartz tube as growth chamber, associated with vacuum system to generate required level of vacuum. The ingot can be rotated and brought down using steeper motors, ingot growth size is 10-50 mm dia and 50-100 mm. length

Crystal Growth Furnace
Planetary Ball Mill
Planetary Ball Mill is the requisite equipment for mixing, fine grinding, Small sample preparing, new product development and small volume high-tech material production. The product has small volume, complete function, high efficiency and low noise. It has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turn plate. When the turn plate rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements and the balls in the tanks grind and mix samples in high speed movement. The product can smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods. Minimum granularity of ground products can be as small as 0.1 micron.


Planetary Ball Mill
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