Moulding Consumables

Moulding :
Hot Moulding Powders :
Black , Red and Green Phenolic powders with special qualities like relatively low shrinkage , higher Shore hardness , high strength , are offered for routine metallography applications. These can sustain singular grinding (manual) and even multiple specimen (automatic machine's ) pressures . The resins offer perfect bond at the interfaces for edge studies.

Packs of 1 kg , 4 Kg ., 8 Kg
Transparent Hot Moulding Powders :
Acreylic based material , used at relatively high temperatures for producing transparent moulds.

Pack of 1 kg.
Hard Compound :
Hardness difference in between specimen and moulding material may give rise to differential stock removal thus edge rounding, loosing vital details in the edge. This material offers hard back up / surface. Especially used for grinding moulds containing very hard materials or for protecting the edges. One has to pour the same around the specimen initially in the hot moulding , and then to be backed by any phenolic powder.

Pack of 500 gm.
Conductive Mould Material :
This is copper filled thermosetting resin that is electrically conductive.
Cold Mounting system :
This is room temperature curable acrylic , resulting in translucent specimen.
Mix 1 : 1 parts of liquid and powder and stir thoroughly for 15-20 seconds and then pour in die cavity .

One set- Powder 400 gms & Liquid 400 ml.
Cold Mounting Die Set :
The set comprises bottom ground plate, die plate with holes of 1'', 1½'', 1 '' with release angle and a cover plate .
Mould Release Spray :
It is advisable to spray the lubricant spray before hot and cold compression for easy ejection.

Aerosol can 500 ml
We can supply any metallography consumables indigenous or imported.

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