Leica Microsystems, Germany Authorised Channel Partner
for Maharashtra & Goa
World leaders in Microscopy

Metatech takes pleasure to announce it’s association as Channel Partner with Leica Microscopes, industry division, a world leaders from Germany , in the field of microscopy from last 150 years.
The product folio offers various , entry level , routine inspection and high end research microscopes with an options of optics, illuminations, stands, configurations, contrasting techniques, camera and software.


Application back up is supported by trained personnel. Demonstrations can be offered for any critical as well routine applications. Sample preparation support for material science and electronics applications is available at one point for easy evaluation. Image analysis support is provided by both Leica of Metatech imaging division.


Service after sales – Leica is known for its service after sales efficiency and expertise. Specially trained service engineers with long working experience are available for each regions and even proprietary parts , are made available even after many years. Now by joining hands with equally experienced company like Metatech , customers can get best products with right support.


Please find an attached document for quick look of entire product line and we request you to visit www.leicamicrosystems.com for further detailed information.


We shall be pleased to visit you and discuss any of your requirements.

Leica Microsystems, Germany

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Leica Microscopes for :
Material Science Petrology Forensic Pharma
Electronics Reseach Education  
Leica Range of Microscopes :
Leica DM ILM - Inverted Microscope for Material Control
Leica DMI3000 M - Inverted Microscope for Materials Science
Leica DM750 M
Leica DM1750 M
Leica E-Series Stereo Microscopes - Teaching and Learning Made Easy
Leica M50, M60 and M80 - The best illumination LED3000 series
Leica Cleanliness Expert - Particle Size Analysis
Leica Steel Expert
Petrological microscopes
   Leica DM4500 P LED for research and development
   Leica DM2700 P for routine polarization applications
   Leica DM750 P for university and other instructional use
Leica A60 S / Leica A60 F - The stereo microscope system for high
   productivity in the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries

Leica Softwares
   Leica Application Suite (LAS)
   Leica Grain Expert
   Leica Phase Expert
   Leica Steel Expert
   Leica Cast Iron Expert

Leica Cameras - MC 120 HD - MC 170 HD
Forensic Microscopes - Leica FS 4000 B, Everything at the touch of a button
Leica DM4000–6000, Brilliant, Easy Imaging at the Speed of Light!
   The New Generation of Leica DigitalMicroscopes for Biomedical and Industrial Research.
DM 100 & Leica DM 300 - Affordable Innovation for the First-time Scientist
Leica DCM 8 Get the full picture for 3D surface metrology
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